The Beeler Cemetery (now the Beeler Memorial Park) is very small cemetery located in west Houston, Texas at 1150 Enclave Parkway, which has some unusual characteristics.


Amanda and James Beeler were early settlers of the Harris County, Texas area, who took up residence in west Houston during the 1800s. They, along with their sons Milam and William Beeler, were farmers who grew corn, cotton, and raised cattle over a few hundred acres of land. [1] All of them would later be buried here.

Abandonment and later yearsEdit

It is unknown why the cemetery only had these very few burials, although it could have been strictly for the Mapps, Beeler and Lomax families.

The cemetery was neglected for years, but then Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack began maintaining the area in 2003, as the Texas Health and Safety Code allows the County to maintain a historical cemetery. It is being maintained by Harris County Precinct 3.[1]

Cemetery inhabitantsEdit

  • Amanda Beeler (May 16, 1832 - May 2, 1914)
  • James A. Beeler (April 22, 1829 - December 15, 1888)
  • Milam Beeler (1854 - August, 1944)
  • William Beeler (1855-1934)
  • Zilpah J. (Gentry) (June 7, 1881 - November 18, 1881)
  • N. Reuben Lomax (August 3, 1902 - April 12, 1916)
  • Wilton B. Lomax (August 11, 1894 - November 13, 1911)
  • F. P. Mapps (1855-1934)
  • Kate Mapps (1857 - 1931)
  • Our Baby (no name or dates)[2]


The Beeler Memorial Park area (along with the parking garage next door) is known for ghost hunting, as mediums have reported there are several spirits in the area, even though the cemetery is very small (a person could literally walk around the entire cemetery perimeter in only a minute). It has also been said there are people buried outside the cemetery walls, as those that were buried outside of the main area of a cemetery (especially a family cemetery) were said to have led a shameful life (such as being accused of practicing witchcraft or committing suicide, for instance).


  • One area of the Westheimer and Dairy Ashford Road was named Beeler Road at one point.
  • The Cabot Oil and Gas company is right next to the Beeler Memorial Park.



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